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13th of June 2017 - Decided to STOP

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Today was the NBA Finals Game, and Golden State won the game. I'd like to except what went inside my mind:

So on Sunday there were several WNBA games, I remember following up with NY-Seattle game, initial line 158.5 - during the 1st half line goes up to 170.5 but then drops to the 159.5 only to get back to 170.5 by the end of the 3rd quarter.

Now the "buy low sell high" approach would say 170 is far by 12 pts from 158 but this was the lowest opening line among all the 3 games in that day ... eventually I took the UNDER 171.5 prematch in the last WNBA game for that day between Minnesota and Dallas. This was a winning bet

Why am I saying this?

Because psychologically speaking I've become so obsessed with these numbers or guesses what would happen.... so yeah, Game 5 in the NBA Finals, opening line 230.5 - didn't place any bet - wakes up early in the morning to follow up with it - see the line going up to 240, dropping to 229 and reaching 240 by halftime ... same scenario like the WNBA one.

What did I do? Bet £500 on the Under 240 - it ended with 249 points.... but I was quite numb about it, I am not too sure why I did what I did there ... I think it's because prematch I was sure this would go under because Games 2, 3 and 4 went over and usually the last games go under (and I believed it was the final game)..... See 11-June-2017 (WNBA) and 13-June-2017 (NBA) for your own reference




So I deposited another £270, took a 1.10 favorites in Badminton when it was live odds with 1.80:


The favorites lost, and I had no knowledge in Badminton - I only know that a 1.10 favorite is a heavy favorite, but looks like the odds can be tricky as always.....


Eventually, I turned my Ecopayz account purpose to non-gambling, I didn't need to close it - I just cannot use it for gambling purposes any longer - so it's no longer effective for me to use it. The only way I can now deposit funds is via bank transfer, but this can only happen M-F during working hours (one of the reasons why Bitcoin is becoming an alternative) and it could take hours or even 1-2 days until it gets credited and there is also a fee involved with sending it - so basically I discouraged myself as much as I could to cut any access to instant & fast betting.


Overall, I am still "up" from betting in 2017 by something around £3,000 plus the $900 Vegas bet in January - but this has no blessing in it - and if I will deduct the losses from 2016 - then I would come up with a very big negative result.

I think for me the obsession with gambling, the time it's stealing from my life, watching sports events, looking to bet as much as possible - or thinking about it - instead of doing things to improve my own and my family life - it's just not worth it.

And I could win $50,000 today - what would prevent me from getting into losses like these?!

And even if I keep myself limited and bet only what I can afford to lose - is it fun? is it recreational? Do I enjoy it? No ....

I could have spent time with my wife, or going into the gym and lose weight and exercise, stay fit, watch movies, travel or what's not - so why lock myself in such a prison? That's what I feel it is.

Do I see the end of gambling for me now? I don't know ... I tried to close all avenues to quick deposits as well as limit the amount of cash available for me in my UK accounts ... I sincerely hope this would bring a better future!


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