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21st of April 2017 - Birthday coming up soon

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Well, the 13th of March which was only a month ago when I wrote the last post, seems like history now ... have I managed to stop gambling completely? No ... unfortunately not ...  and since I started this website on January 2014 (over 3 years ago) it seems like I might have to accept the fact that I cannot stay away from gambling 100% of the times but I need to strive to do my best to stay away ... since my last trip to London it seems like I haven't completely stopped this "cycle" that started then.

So after supposedly giving up on bonus hunting I used Vulkanbet and got from $1,000 to $3,100 using an NBA bet initially and then many "small" bets ... it seems like betting on Tennis that match will not be scoreless from either player works most of the times but again - it has failed a few times, and yesterday I lost a big chunk of the profits due to betting on Murray to win Ramos mainly in live for really small odds when he was leading 4-2 in the 3rd set, and Murray lost the match ... and I knew who Ramos is and I know he's a great Clay player ... and seems to be at the top of his Tennis Career now .... anyway ... betting on the winner instead of the non-scoreless bet (got to 1.50 at the beginning of the 3rd set) creates mix thoughts in my mind:

On the one hand I feel I should have sticked to what I did and never bet on winners even if it feels like a "sure thing" ... BUT on the other hand - really it doesn't matter if I had to bet with a "plan" or a "system" - I don't think dealing with all this is worth it ... and the fact I had to conceal many things or isolate myself as if this thing is something I have to do alone without anyone bothering me - this won't lead to anything good.

Financially speaking I made a withdrawal so with all these so called "profits" I am in net profit for 2017 instead of being in a loss - but still ... how long would it last?

Right now I feel like I do want to bet and I can't as I blocked myself for 7 days from Vulkanbet - but will this cycle repeat itself again? I can ask them to permanently close my account but then I would just look for the next *****bet website?!

I had the determination to block myself for good, now I'm feeling a bit sucked into the world of gambling again, and to be honest I have no plans to bet on anything ... just want to place a bet ... it's like drugs and I have to shake them off somehow.


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