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5th of March 2017 - Life goes on

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The past week has been terrible, I've been sick, got a stomach flu or something like that ... had sleepless nights, lots of pain, ended up in the ER (aka A&E in the UK = Accident & Emergency) .. spent 3-4 hours and got slightly better - still recovering though, it's not easy for the body to heal itself 100% right afterwards -

And I got a very good signal from all this that I have to start exercising and move my body, sitting in front of the computer is bad (even though a stomach bug is caused usually by eating bad food, still ... having a healthier body can always help in cases like these or others!)

In regards to gambling ...

In my last post I was saying I was in a loss of $555 for the year, so eventually one of the websites I was using that allowed me to deposit around £620 should have had me permanent self excluded, and I did after this loss asked for a 1 year SE and when they told me it was already permanent since 2014 I asked how I was allowed to deposit in the first place - so without exchanging any further emails they got back to me, telling me I was right and they refunded my deposits (less deposit fee of 2.5%) - so I got back £600+ to my bank pretty instantly, wasn't involved with any hassles or anything - so it's important for websites to honor and respect their self exclusion policies, this is being regulated in many places!

I started last week to bet with a website called Vulkanbet, they do give lots of bonuses but not in the classic way of you depositing and then get the same amount and have to wager it several times - it's like if you bet certain amounts they add $1, then $2 to your account - based on your activity, a bit different than regular stuff in some way because it's not so addicting on the one hand but on the other you make "peanuts money" out of it ... I made so far £70 because I used a card that charged me tons of fees and I will make sure not to do this again, also it doesn't work in £ currency, so I have to exchange it to $ but it's okay so far .... do I think it's okay to keep having this account? not sure but I know with sites like this I will never ever deposit large amounts - I just don't trust small sites and I know they are limited so I I will see how it goes....

There is an option to self exclude yourself for 1 week everytime you need it, with a click of a button, no need to call anyone ... or for up to 5 years, so it seems to work okay but ... I don't know, I will see.

Right now my total losses end up as £325 approx. which is $400 - that excluding that first NBA win from Vegas, so it seems like I'm up $510 for the year 2017 so far .... but that is all because of this site refunding my losses really .. gambling is not worth it and look what happens if I just took 1 bet - how quickly it could put me in a spiral etc.

Looks like for future cases I would need stronger fences/barriers for sure.


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9 hours ago, soxwin1917 said:

Is the fences/barriers strategy something you learned from the meetings? I know access to money is a big one.

Not from meetings but from reading a lot about the subject.

I don't think gambling is something that anyone can underestimate - it's not your "friend" and not a habit - it's just a way to lose money .. you could do "arbitrage" or grab bonuses like I did without risking real money really - but is it worth it? Is it worth dealing with a gambling site just to make peanuts money in return? I really doubt it ... I do however treat people who do arbitrage differently, I know one person who does it for living - his income is coming solely from arbitrage and arbitrage is ok, it's something bookmakers hate because it's quite the opposite of gambling - it's taking the randomness out and getting 100% pure stability with the actions that you make.

But I doubt it about myself ... dealing with a gambling site is not for me, so i will make sure it will be extremely limited and will report accordingly after a few more days if it's worth it, how much time it takes etc. - worse case I'm just going to hit the shut down button i.e. aka = Self Exclusion and leave the site as well ... but yes, I do admit arbitrage is a different form of gambling - it's where the punter has an edge over the house because he doesn't really gamble but risk money to get "sure money" back regardless of the outcome.

Anyway - back to your questions - I can't underestimate what gambling caused me in life, and that's why I don't think arbitrage or any other similar form of gambling is good for everyone ... some people like us need fences and barriers to stay away as far as possible from it because we know money "earned" from gambling is money with a curse on it, in one way or another - but whatever I say can be open for discussion or for negating claims as well.


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