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21st of February 2017 - I was hit by gambling

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I haven't posted an update here for quite a while and it's for the very main reason that life has been super busy for me, it really was. On top of everything that I already need to take care of I found myself dealing with so many new things that I wasn't expecting to deal with - and it s taking lots of my time, but it's fine and I'm happy with that nonetheless.

I was in Vegas for a business trip last month in January, the business trip was good, didn't do anything stupid in general - except ... that I did place a bet ..... $1000 ($1013 with ATM fees) to win $910 ... and I was with my business partner there - I told him about it - anyway long story short ... I made around $900 ... now I thought it was all fine, I cannot place bets at home so I allowed myself to indulge once and place a bet on the NBA.

A month later I had another business trip in the UK, this one was much packed with lots to do in 48 hours ... and long story short I placed a £1,000 bet on Tennis on a player that I just liked by his name (£1,000 to win £570 approx) - bet lost ... I felt so ruined and took some cash using my credit cards in order to accumulate £2,000 approx to bet on odds of 1.50 on another Tennis game and this time I won the lost £1,000 back except that part of the bet was on odds of 1.44 so I felt the need to make more than I lost.

Long story short, I am in a loss of around -$555 for 2017. After calculating all fees etc.

I can live with the loss but I cannot live with the fact I brought gambling back into my life and it's so easy to bring it back - now after not having Skrill or Neteller I can only deposit with bank wires ....


Anyway I definitely don't want to stay on this path and leave it behind me, so I made sure I am not leaving funds in my UK Bank Accounts so I can't wire anything and bet with - I think this is the best way to avoid gambling as without having a UK Bank Account it would be harder to bet (although I can wire from anywhere but I won't do it from my local accounts neither) - it's good in a way to avoid having access to money - this way it's much harder to bet and it does arrest the addiction in some way.

Can I only rely on it? No ... of course not ... I will schedule another appointment and see where things go - for now life is all great and I want to keep it that way. Besides with such a busy schedule I really can't leave no more room for gambling in my life.



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