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9th of January 2017 - New Year and I didn't even make a tweet

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2016 was a year where I lost a substantial amount of money but I managed to move forward and push myself towards life without gambling. I insist so badly on staying away from gambling and I'd like to keep it that way.


Life has been great since, really great, I'm investing more time on a new business with my partner (2 businesses), I'm making more money, I am much more busy with life and I feel like the next steps would be to go to the gym, exercise, open my life to other venues, healthy venues.


So why did I remember this website all of a sudden?


Because the renewal of the hosting of this site popped up in my email, the hosting would have expired on January 19, 2017 - and the cost of renewal for 1 year was £120/year (around $145 these days, can you believe how low the pound has gone?).... so instead of £360 for 3 years I asked GoDaddy for a discount, got 20% discount (as I couldn't find any working coupons on my own for renewals) - so paid £288 for 3 years (£96/year) - it's not cheap - but I want to keep this website at least for now.



Because I feel like the money I wasted on gambling in my life is nothing in comparison to this website that so far has cost me "peanuts money" ... and I feel like I like this place where I can go and use this place as my own diary and I'd like to keep memories of it - so we'll see in 2020 what's up with it. There's still $50 to pay for Invision Power for the forum - but to be honest their service is not so useful so far, I am considering if it's worth paying for it or not as I had to delete lots of bad stuff on my own.


That's all for now.

To be updated soon hopefully with more non-gambling news!

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