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16th of November 2016 - "My Last Day" again?! Never Say Never

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Well, the last bet on Trump/Clinton with BetDAQ really got into me, I felt so annoyed losing £2,500 just like that ... money that "I should not have lost" if I hadn't done anything, and it all started with 1 email - remember my previous post?


So I got around £5,300 back into the account, couldn't fix it for savings because the amount is too small (the bank wants £10,000 minimum) so I put it in the daily savings account - which is a mistake - because I have access to it.


And long story short, I found another betting broker to bet with - SportsMarket, sent a wire, within a few hours the account was credited.


And here I found myself doing this:




Chicago - Portland played on the same time, I figured one would go under and one over - Chicago and Portland started to score a lot so I thought they will surprise and hit the over (they scored 201 pts, the line was 211.5) ...


So even if I was right about one game going this way and another that way ... at the end of the 3rd the line between LAL and Brooklyn was 237.5 and if I have waited - I would have taken the under there - and this under lost too ... they score over 240 pts despite having Cleveland game going over in similar trend before then and despite the "buy low sell high" concept....


Does it matter anyways?

I'm just trying to explain what was going through my mind.


I've already asked SportsMarket and PremiumTradings to not let me bet/deposit for 3 years, AsianConnect - blocked until April 2018....


I hope to keep it that way and just honestly STAY AWAY from gambling for good.... I mean for good good good ....


Can I see it as one off relapse? I certainly do hope so!


What a great way to start the day.


If this would be my last loss from gambling for the rest of my life - then I would be so thankful, I don't need and want to lose more than that.


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Your honesty is really remarkable. I admire how willing you are to share these slip-ups in order to help this community.


I hope for your sake can you put this loss out of your mind and start a new gambling-free streak.


Thank you soxwin and thanks for being here all the times as well.

Yes, I'm trying to put this behind me and scheduled a new appointment for the energetic treatment next week - not that I solely rely on it but trying to arrest the addiction in all ways whatsoever ... I've self-excluded myself from the betting broker and they were very understanding and in fact said something like "Trust us when we understand how gambling hurts people" as if they know the consequences of dealing with this industry.


Anyway you said "to help this community" - I hope this "community" can grow ... there were more participants really but most have posted and never returned ... I hope no one is feeling worried to express thoughts here ... I only deleted spam posts here, but other than that I'm up for anyone to speak freely about him/herself or about the gambling industry etc. - I don't believe in 100% political correctness when it comes to gambling so I hope more people would be able to see this and appreciate this "community" is their page to speak freely about all of it including those who might believe gambling is good (are there really some people out there who think so except for those working in the industry?!)


Anyway that's what it is for ... and thanks again - Yes, I believe in full transparency and honesty.


Please also read this one - it's important to see how destructive gambling is for people even if they "did" everything "right" - people need to read and learn:



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