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9th of November 2016 - Things that I cannot explain (several)

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First of all I was happy that Donald Trump was elected as US president.

It's a huge blow to the 'establishment' and a victory for the middle class.

It's about time the world would have a leader who can't be bought or work for lobbyists and yet I do see so many people are 'scared' and afraid of this 'buffoon'.


Anyway let's move on to discuss gambling and I do have to talk about it this time - unfortunately.


Remember this?



I had 2 bets on Hillary and Trump to hedge and secure myself against any losses and even make some 'profit' out of it, which I already discussed - it's not really profit due to the drop of value in pound etc.


I think these election bets are ones I had from such a long time ago.

And you can build something up in gambling just to ruin it in a few seconds.


And this is what happened to me.


Let me tell you what happened


So my hedging bet on Trump was placed with BetDAQ.




My account was opened there and I could have used it for other betting purposes but I didn't.

I was so against gambling that I didn't want to ruin my life.

I left the account open because I was intending to withdraw the funds after the elections and self-exclude it immediately.



What happened to me yesterday (it's already the 10th of Nov for me) - was something I cannot explain.

I did watch the race to the presidency but never felt like betting on it, I knew I'm "sorted out" already with this.


Then I wake up when it's around 1am in the morning (UK time) after going to sleep so early and I got an email from BetDAQ.



Title = An Offer You Cannot Trump


Will you be staying up to watch the election results? If so, to get you away from the mind numbing build up, we have added a £5 Free Virtuals Bet to your account so you can pass the time while you wait.


Now that is an offer you cannot Trump! (sorry)


That's the text.


Now initially I remember I didn't even notice what exactly that text said, I thought "oh, they give me some pounds to bet with so I'd bet them on Clinton because she's now such a heavy favorite" (her odds were around 1.10 at that time).


Then I noticed it's only for Virtual Sports, so I watched virtual horse racing, was annoyed I didn't participate picking the favorite in one race, but it's just a few pounds/dollar, so I tried another one and lost...


And this is just a few dollars!


But it led me to want to bet on the elections, without depositing, I didn't want to deposit money, I still had this annoying feeling of betting but one thing led to the other and very quickly, so you saw the screenshot above?


Basically if Trump wins I should have received around £2,500 back in total.

Hillary was the favorite with odds of 1.05 already, I didn't check why, I didn't see it was just because polls + early votes, and it doesn't matter why - the fact is - if you have a gambling account open anywhere it could ruin you!


It all took less than a few seconds then I erased all this potential £2,500 on Trump to extra £200 on Hillary ... just for £200.


And then when the odds started to change and there was a very long time where you can had Trump on odds of 6.00 - 7.00 I told myself I should deposit £400 and reverse some of these losses but I didn't.


Because when you're at it - you're really out of control, and gambling is all about making you lose control, even playing poker in a way is for one person to make the other lose control and make lots of money, it's about discovering holes and exploiting them but morally it's bad!


So that was the aftermath:







What all this means is that a £1,050 deposit that was supposed to return £2,500 on Trump or £225 on Hillary - return £21.47


In another words - I lost £2,500 or $3,125 in USD value.


How do I feel?

I will write about it in the next post.


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So how do I feel about this?

Firstly before speaking about feelings I received the withdrawal of £21.47 around 15:00pm UK time and as soon as I received it I logged into the account and did this:




I tried to choose with the mouse 5 years, it selected 4 - I didn't really care, just wanted to close the account and never use it again.


Now how do I feel about it?


I'm not sure if I should call what happened to me a relapse or not - I have mixed feelings.


On the one hand it sucks to lose $3,000 but with my experience of losing honestly this is really a "small" amount to lose in life if I keep on doing what I did for so long .. so it sucks, of course it feels annoying but up to a certain extent.


On the other hand, I feel like I got a great lesson - never leave or have any betting account open, and unsubscribe from all emails - I was a person who always thought emails and such never apply to me but look what one email could do ....


So block all routes and all means to gamble or think about it, take it out of your mind completely!


And what about the future?



Finally for the very first time in my life - I am on a very good path of not gambling for a long time, having a very strong feeling of repugnance against gambling ... and finally I don't have any pending bets for 10 months from now that I need to "worry" about!


I believe what happened to me yesterday was a sort of a punishment or actually no, more like a lesson in life ... you can bet for a long term but all it takes is a few seconds to ruin it - which is why gambling is never, simply never a solution for anything other than disaster.


Now back to reality.

Trump has won, I'm happy about it, I also have some mixed feelings, I was never fanatic about him and I hope he would do what he promised to do (drain the swamp = stop corruption and lobbyists, get jobs, change the deals with China even if it will upset some people) - is it really going to happen? I am not sure, and I am not sure if he will be as good as he said he would be ... that's why I have mixed feelings ... but overall I like it that he was elected and not Hillary.


I hope to update this place with more posts in the future that are 100% not related to gambling.

Stay safe!

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