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3rd of November 2016 - Death of Democracy?

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Hi guys / or shall I say "dear diary" - whatever or whoever it is reading it ....


We are 5 days away from the US elections and I was so enthusiastic for Trump especially seeing his odds improve and amazing rallies he has etc. but today I had a big shock, I mean I'm still shocked right now and cannot stop thinking about it.


What happened? The UK has voted to leave the EU aka "Brexit" on the 23rd of June 2016 (which regardless and irrelevant to this topic was my last bet so far and I hope to keep it that way).


Today the UK high court ruled that Theresa May, the prime minister, cannot proceed with "Brexit" without votes from the parliament:




Basically - the people voted to exit the EU in a referendum, and the "elites" have decided to block it ... this could be more complex than it seems but now there is no pressure on the UK to see companies leaving etc. - the longer they don't have a solution - the "better" it is for the UK economy in a way ... the pound has risen a bit as well ...


Where does it all take us? I don't know...


I personally wanted the UK to remain (and for another EU country to start the mess) ... but what I see in front of my eyes is simply astonishing ... I am still not sure how to swallow the pill, how people feel now ... it's like the elites are pushing people to revolt and start riots ...



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