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7th of October 2016 - 3.5 months without gambling

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I stopped gambling on the 24th of June 2016.

Since then 3.5 months have gone by.


How does it feel? Great, much better than before and probably better than any other previous time related to gambling.

I have no desire to gamble nor to place a bet, I simply live my life in a much happier mode and it's so much better than before.


I am dedicating more time to work, to my wife, to my family, to study new things, it's definitely better.

I wouldn't want to trade this period of time not even for 1 second of gambling, I'm 100000% sure of it.



Regarding my last post here - the debate - I started to lose interest in the US elections ... I think what I did (hedging) took completely the "gambling sting" out of it ... but i never looked at gambling as the issue .... I wanted initially Trump to win but I didn't like the way he was running his campaign lately, I'm receiving emails from his team, I even initially donated $20 as I wanted him so badly to win but his attitude seems to be a wrong attitude for a leader - he has very good ideas and maybe just the wickedness of Clinton is the reason why myself and many others prefer him over her ... but I'm not bothering with this too much like before .... I still hope he wins but I am not going to dedicate resources for that nor I am not going to dedicate "Facebook time" to argue with other people etc.



That's all for now.


Let's continue this healthy journey until the rest of my life ... a journey where gambling has no place in it.


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