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27th of September 2016 - After the debate

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Well, I woke up very early (and went to sleep early too) in order to watch the debate in live ...

Live streaming was 100% perfect, great quality.


The debate?

As much as I wanted Trump to come up with the upper hand - he did seem to have messed up this one.

I don't blame him... it's so hard to pull answers to random questions just like that.....


And even if he could give better answers ... if he had to attack Clinton then he would be too aggressive and if he was too lenient with her then he would be too defensive or not presidential enough or you name it.


It's a vicious world ... I truly feel sorry for so many people living in poverty - if we had a chance to turn things around, change the way the system works - then now it looks like that system will always win ... and if you can't beat them join them...


Looks like betting odds which came close to 60%-40% now have changed back to 70%-30% ... for me it has nothing to do with betting, I'm just purely sad for Trump and for the American people - we're heading in the wrong direction but I guess that's how people want it to be.


Can things change in the future?

Maybe, with Trump anything can happen but I think this is probably it ... even my wife says the same that after tonight's debate it looks like Clinton will be the president.


It's a sad day, it's another win for Wall Street and another win for the big banks and hedge funds ... I don't think anyone can win against them, they are just too powerful and we're going to have another minimum 8 years of low interest rates and rising real estate prices globally ... get prepared for the worst because it hasn't come out yet.


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