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mary shepler

New to this forum, tell me what to do?

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Hi, all I am Mary from Seattle. It is my first post here, I am new here. I am badly in need of a suggestion. My love is into gambling and he is addicted to alcohol. I don't what to do. We started living together a year before. It was six months before that he started getting into these things. And it was just to kill time. but now it has become part of his life. And two weeks later I was thinking of introducing him to my parents, but how can I introduce an addict to my parents? They won't allow or cooperate for the marriage if I introduce him like this.There is an  addiction center named Edgewood health network which is near to my place. This is an addiction centre , will this help him come out of gambling addiction? I don't know whether this would be good for his addiction. He is an alcohol addict , so will this treatment help him come out  of his gambling addiction too. I am in need of a suggestion. Please do tell me what is to be done? Is my decision a good one? Is there any other solution for me? 

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