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Why gambling is an extremely dangerous "habit"

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There is a person who described his gambling activity in PsychForums, she was mainly addicted to slots and whilst slots are indeed probably the worst form of gambling out there - it really doesn't matter what type of addiction this is ... sports betting or slots, or poker - it's all carrying the same destructive results - so here is her story:




I have been a "social" gambler for years, but was always able to keep it in check. Mostly played in destination spots while traveling. 6 years ago a casino opened in my city and since then my "habit" has turned into an addiction...... I have been praying to God to ask him to take this life sucking addiction away from me and I believe that he has answered. Yesterday I canceled my free play, ripped up all offers, requested they not send me any correspondence and I am feeling strong. I know it's only day one but my head seems clearer than it has in quite a while.


So those who claim gambling is a "healthy habit" probably work for the industry - it's not.

It can take any person, any normal person, and turn him to an addict, that's what gambling does.


It's just another proof among the 'sea' of sad stories about gambling.


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