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Someone lost £140,000 betting on the UK referendum in less than 5 minutes

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He didn't bet directly on it as a bet but he bet on the currencies (GBP/USD) which was quite similar to placing a bet on the referendum in aspect of the result.


He described his story here:




It's a very sad story, proving how gambling or even "trading" is something you think you can make money with, and you might even make money with it, but it takes just 1 bad day, just 1 bad day of making the 'wrong' selection and this could all go away, in less than 5 minutes.


I also shared my own story about losing some money on the UK referendum (and treating it as my last bet ever currently and hopefully for the rest of my life)...




Although I didn't lose a large amount like £140,000 ... losing a few thousand of £ is still nonetheless important to emphasize that the amount doesn't matter - many people in the end hit such a bad day and it could literally destroy them financially, physically and emotionally as well.


Please avoid gambling.


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