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One way to stop is to learn from others and execute actions

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You can read many stories here and across the web.

But also don't rely only on these stories, execute self-exclusion, termination of accounts, and even close your bank account and bank elsewhere (where you can't use the money for gambling) in order for you to not be able to gamble in the first place.


Letting loved one to control finance is another solution.


Remember - if you can't physically bet your desire to bet would be mitigated.


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Here is one very good movie based on true stories of ex gamblers and people who helped them to recover

This is the blog from people who are doing a great job in treating pathological gambling http://herctimecenter.blogspot.rs/

There are also very good books called 'Stake' and 'Goodbye, gambling' that can be really helpful for motivating people to start dealing with their problems and also.

As you can see, you can find plenty of information, you just need to wake up.

I recommend this movie to everyone who ever tried to gamble, I find it most useful for people in denial.

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