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Someone lost £200k within 48 hours

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Okay, so I was completely shocked reading this story, completely shocked - here is a link for the full story from PsycForums:




Someone has lost nearly £200k within 48 hours.


He gambled just like I tried it and documented it here ... started with £4,000 and managed somehow to reach £70,000 .... told himself this money is his, he would keep it, use it wisely ... managed to stay okay for a long period of time ... and then .... all of a sudden .... lost around £200k ... that's just crazy... completely crazy!


I am going to make this topic sticky - anyone who ever consider gambling or sports betting should be aware of the long term outcomes that can be as a result of "possible winnings" - this is a shocking and a truly sad story and could happen to anyone who gambles!

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