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  1. My best way to stop gambling

    What helped me to stop gambling was the recognition that Gambling responsibly is a myth, it doesn't exist - as well as the recognition that Gambling is not a form of entertainment !! I used to think that I can gamble responsibly, control my balance, and "enjoy" it, but that is what the gambling industry wants you to believe. Bookmakers have websites (and shops) including signs and webpages discuss "Gambling within your means" and suggest you "tips" and ideas how to control your gambling, such as "never bet more than you can afford" and other suggestions - so I would tell you "never bet at all !!!" - don't tell yourself "never bet more than you can afford", that's an illusion, a lie, fraud and deception! Don't believe the gambling industry, don't believe what they tell you. Let's take Ladbrokes for example, discussing their "Responsible Gambling": http://help.ladbrokes.com/display/4/kb/article.aspx?aid=1077 They mention 4 ideas for "Staying in control", so according to them: Gambling should be entertaining and not seen as a way of making money Avoid chasing losses Only gamble what you can afford to lose Keep track of the time and amount you spend gambling So what do I really think about these 4 ideas? Gambling should be entertaining and not seen as a way of making money - Gambling is NOT entertaining in anyway, and it's the perfect way to lose your time and money, hard earned money, in a split of seconds (or more) to an industry that would do anything to get its hands on your hard earned money, and once it gets it, it would never ever give it back to you. Avoid chasing losses - Avoid betting at all! Don't bet at all and you would never find yourself chasing losses. In fact, I've stopped gambling and that is how I really avoided chasing losses. You need to understand they use these words on purporse to lure you back into gambling, they won't stop you from chasing losses, on the contrary! They will smile everytime you do so ... so by all means don't bet at all ... by not betting you're not only avoiding "chasing losses" but you're not getting into it in the first place! Only gamble what you can afford to lose - How would you feel if I tell you "only give me what you can afford?" you would throw me off the stairs, would you? You don't know me, you don't need to give your hard earned money to me ... so why are you giving your hard earned money to the gambling industry? You should tell yourself "only donate what you can afford" for charity, for the right purposes ... but you should definitely not gamble, not even once, because once you start - you cannot stop your losses, and you can end up losing more than you can afford, and that's a guarantee! So don't listen to them ... they tell you "yes, you can gamble, but watch how much you spend" - I tell you instead, do not gamble, not even once more! Keep track of the time and amount you spend gambling - Now that's ridiculous! They want you to "work" for them?! Seriously, you need to spend the time preparing tables and timetable sheets for you to recognize how much time you dedicate to gambling? Besides handing your hard earned money to the gambling industry, why don't you give them a hug as well? That is so ridiculuos - don't gamble, don't bet, you would have plenty of free time for you to spend with your family and friends, you would have more money in your bank, and you wouldn't waste time doing what the gambling industry suggests you to do, which is so ridiculous. The Rambam was a great Jewish Rabbi, he was a very famous person and people from all over the world studied and study his books, including many universities and the academy in general who uses his texts for many purposes. He said if a person has a problem he should not take the middle way but the extreme way. For example, if someone has eating disorders and he can't stop eating, he should not tell himself "I can control it" and try to eat moderately - instead, he should do all it takes, put barriers, use his family and any other means for him to stop eating and AVOID THE OPTION of eating. Same way about gambling, you should do everything you with your means (and even more) to stop. You should not even buy a lottery ticket in your condition, you should take the EXTREME way for staying outside of the gambling world. Now if you ask me, I wouldn't call it the extreme way but the sane, logical and normal way of living your life ... however if you are here reading this then what I say is for you, not for anyone else - so please do not tell yourself you can control it, don't ever use this hype, don't ever tell your mind to think this way - do all that it takes to treat gambling as something you hate, despise and that way you would stop gambling. Treat gambling as a "friend" or as a form of "entertainment" - and you would lose, big time, money and time, and you could lose plenty of those in the long run! Gambling is not your friend and is not a form of entertainment! It should never be approached this way. Gambling is a way for bookmakers and the gambling industry to take money from you, pure and simple. I hope you can understand this so you can have a better journey in life. Be well.