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  1. So my life is a mess, About a year ago I put money on an online gambling website thinking I'll win loads of money, i have a good job it's average pay, I work my arse off and at the end of the month I have nothing to show for it expect tears and that horribale feeling in my stomach. I've gambled a lot and hid it from my gf she's finally found out and begged me too stop, I though I could get a hold on it but I was so wrong, it's got to the point were I'm spending literally all my wage the same day I get paid and having nothing left with in a couple of hours, the more I put it the more I think I'm going to win it back.I'm 27 never though at this age I would be in such a mess, cant save for a house which my patner wants, I keeping letting her down and breaking her heart, it's took me so long to realise it's became a big problem,today I gamble 600 on online slots I thought I had it sorted paid for driving lessons, bought a couple of things I was flying then I sat down for five minutes and though I could win what I've spent on joining a new casino website "beginners luck" the more I put it the more I lost the more I put it again, so I'm left with 20 for the rest of the month no money to get to work no money to pay for food for work, no social life again, made plans with friends now I'm going to have to tell another lie as I can't go, this is a dreadful feeling, the worst part about it is I've told my gf and now she's can't deal with this anymore which she is right I'm a mess and can't be trusted with money anymore, that's over best thing that's happened to me and I chose to gamble instead. I hate this feeling and want this all to stop but I just don't know how, I'm embarrassed and ashamed to tell anyone so o thought maybe this could work