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  1. Paypal

    Who else has played http://automatenspielex.com/kostenlos-spiele/playboy? I heard there were some great bonuses. But I want to use paypal and not sure if I can. Who can explain how it works?
  2. Slots

    Hello everyone recovering and not so much. I've dealt with gambling addiction starting with http://bettingcasinoslots.com/top-slots-soft/novomatic/ when I was 21 and now I'm 32 and still can't fully quit. Never would I think that it is so possible for me to get stuck with something in my mind for that long. What do I do?
  3. Why Sports Betting is so Dangerous!

    Good research material. Thank you. That's why I stick with http://automatenspielex.com/casino-echtgeld/merkur and not sport betting. Do you think gambling have same tendencies?
  4. Worried about my fathers gambling addiction

    Mine started hanging at http://gamestore.live/lol-accounts and suddenly I remembered my childhood and how he would beat my mom cuz she wasnt; giving him money. But now we're past it and I hope you will be too
  5. 13th of June 2017 - Decided to STOP

    good for you. i hope one day i will stop too
  6. You can't make money from Sports Betting

    But you can from getcasinobonus. I was ffighting my urge to play for months. I got a relapse and now back to gaming. Although I did find a good place this time around