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  1. Addicted to gambling

    Same problem with me. I created this account for me to help my brother.
  2. 14 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

    Hi thanks for sharing this admin. I have to help my brother with this gambling addiction
  3. I know how it feels. I have a brother who got addicted too. And it was really painful to us to see him got dwelled to this kind of stuff. Best of luck to you and looking forward to a more improving life to you and your husband.
  4. Why Sports Betting is so Dangerous!

    Hi. i've checked it but it says my country is not available to view somethings poppint out i dont understand.
  5. Try talking to him. Have you talk to him directly? coz if you don't it will never be resolve. Try talking to him first and let him realize the effects made by his actions. And try to make him busy with other stuff like any hobbies - sports, etc.
  6. Gambling Facts & Fictions

    Thanks for sharing admin. More power to you guys!