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  1. This is a story of my life. A doctor is not some regular terapist. He specialize with gambling problems, and his therapy helps me alot.
  2. 2 years ago my frends started to invite me to different parties with Poker fans. First it was yeasy games with no money? just for fun. But soon in few weeks we started to play for little money, later bets startet to grow. I won very big money then and I felt very pleased with it. So I decided to do more Poker with money. I played big, I was happy and lucky man because a always win. But few month earlier, suddenly I started to lose, I couldn stop playing. I played and played to the end. Now I have no money, I lost my family because of my addiction. I think I need help. My doctor tells me to fight with my addiction. I already ended my relationships with all my gambling friends. I foud new job. I work in car parts store. It`s not a big money, but for starters it shoulde be enough. I didnt play fore few weeks now and I feel great about It. I started to notice than life if very beautiful. Soon I will try to get back with my wife and kids. Also my doctor adviced me to do tomething memorial that will remind me about that gambling life. I decided to have some cool tattoo. Please help me to choose one from here. gambling tattoo Tnx everyone