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  1. Thank you very much for advising me to arrest the addiction of my husband. But, after that, his temper went too bad. So, I had to take him to a centre called Charter that is located on Harley Street. But, to my relief, they treated my husband’s anxiety in the best possible way, and I could see a remarkable improvement in his behaviour. Now, my husband has improved a lot and is himself keeping away from gambling.
  2. My husband has got addicted to gambling since few months and it affected our family life adversely. I am very much worried about my family which is getting scattered day by day and our kids are too badly affected by the weird behavior of their father. I am in search of a center providing gambling addiction treatment in London. I have come across a few centers which I have listed below. http://www.executive-rehab-guide.co.uk/ http://www.charterharleystreet.com/ http://www.portofcall.com/ Kindly, suggest me the best one for my husband’s gambling addiction treatment.