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  1. Even I have a story to tell but not my story my son's story. This was something that happened three months before. My son was working for a firm in Calgary and it was by the beginning of this year that he started a business of his own. We were very happy for him. Happy that he got his own means on earning and we were proud too. But this lead to a situation that he started more time with his friends and lead to a situation that he got out our control and he was very much into gambling and alcohol addiction. We didn't refuse or stop him in the beginning but later it lead to a situation that he started losing his business and others were taking benefits of that. This made us take an immediate step in regards to this and we took him to Canada drug rehab for these addictions. By god's grace, it was a wonderful decision to do so. I am happy for the changes that he is having now. And it all because of the step we took in the right time , or else we would bot have got our boy back .