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  1. My story

    When I decided to write something (I had already had an idea of my story for about few days) I opened Google and wrote "share gambling story" so you were one of the first sites in the list. That's why I'm here)
  2. My story

    Hi, my name is Bob, I am 47, I am happy and I have the most beautiful wife in the world. Seems like two years ago I had another awful life filled with addiction, lie and shame or it happened to another person. I am not going to tell you all this hell in details I will just ask you to help if you ever find out that one of your friends or relatives or someone you know is gambling addicted, just help, try to do everything you can. Believe, this person can not understand its harm but even if he or she do - can not stop gambling. Any addiction is horrible and be sure gambling one is one of the worst. It is like subtile enemy eat you from within, blur your mind and separate you from the family. And you just feeling it but can't do something cause you are blind and voiceless. Only a few addicts can bust out of a slump by themselves before this disease will ruin one's life. I just want to share few websources I used in process of my recovery with hope one of you will use them: 1. http://www.fuckgambling2.com/ ; 2. http://problemgamblingohio.net/; 3. http://www.gamtalk.org. The last website brought me to opinion I should share my own story, the second one contain the list of 5 another useful links. These sites are the first step, they will help you to understand you are "ill", the next step is analyzing your situation and make a plan of recovery, in this stage you will need another person, it is a must.This person will be your psychologist, closest friend and your supervisor. So I wish everyone good luck and the right person near!