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  1. Lots of short stories to read here

    yeah I also think gambling isn't a good habit. But people love it and addicted to it too much. They got pleasure in gambling but they lost money not always.
  2. Where should I start?

    From where did you start first in gambling?
  3. Where should I start?

    I mean as a newbie where should I start gambling. Is there any recommend books to read first to get an idea about gambling.
  4. 5th of December 2015 - Before having a big change in life

    This isn't a bad news I think. Because at the end balance is positive.
  5. Guys, Might someone may ask this question before but not sure. But I am interested to know your suggestion here. I would like to know which games do you like most to play? Thanks for your time!
  6. It's really interesting question. Does anyone can say the every second details? I am really interested to know.
  7. I read your article fully here. I like the writing you shared. As far as I understood you have an strong believe on God. Am I right?
  8. Addicted to gambling

    I just read a post about the same topic. Ijust want to know where you from? You can try here for your brother addiction recovery Edgewood, an addiction treatment center in Toronto.
  9. Dealing With A Gambling Addiction

    It's really good news that your husband has recovered. Did they charge any fees Edgewood, an addiction treatment center in Toronto?
  10. Dealing With A Gambling Addiction

    Thanks a lot for your good topic here. I am totally agree with you. Too much addiction of anything is very bad.
  11. Hello all, I have a basic question to all. I am totally new to Gambling also new to this forum as well. I want to know about gambling more. Where should I start as a newbie? Thanks for your interested behind my post here. LOL!
  12. Hi everyone, I am Ciro Esposito & I am the New Zealand’s favorite casino & slots examiner. I review new slot game releases, discuss casino promotions and share news on the industry. I’m looking for creative researchers and writers to become a part of my blog project.. I have an idea of a collaborative project focusing on tips and strategy advice from the insiders -- people who love the game and different aspects of it. Likewise, I want to find writers for a research series dedicated to 1) the gaming theory, i.e. math & probability, etc as well as 2) gaming psychology and characters including the history of gambling, famous players, etc. Please respond if you have been doing/ or interested in this sort of research and writing project. I acknowledge that this project needs to be collaborative, i.e. writers will work on different aspects of one topics together. So I am looking for storytellers and creative person that feel they can bring a spark to it. Please feel free to contact with me as early you want. thanks Ciro Esposito website: [removed] mail: ciro@casinoslots.co.nz