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  1. 13th of June 2017 - Decided to STOP

    By gambling we lose both time and treasure: 2 things most precious to the life of man.
  2. 13th of June 2017 - Decided to STOP

    Today was the NBA Finals Game, and Golden State won the game. I'd like to except what went inside my mind: So on Sunday there were several WNBA games, I remember following up with NY-Seattle game, initial line 158.5 - during the 1st half line goes up to 170.5 but then drops to the 159.5 only to get back to 170.5 by the end of the 3rd quarter. Now the "buy low sell high" approach would say 170 is far by 12 pts from 158 but this was the lowest opening line among all the 3 games in that day ... eventually I took the UNDER 171.5 prematch in the last WNBA game for that day between Minnesota and Dallas. This was a winning bet Why am I saying this? Because psychologically speaking I've become so obsessed with these numbers or guesses what would happen.... so yeah, Game 5 in the NBA Finals, opening line 230.5 - didn't place any bet - wakes up early in the morning to follow up with it - see the line going up to 240, dropping to 229 and reaching 240 by halftime ... same scenario like the WNBA one. What did I do? Bet £500 on the Under 240 - it ended with 249 points.... but I was quite numb about it, I am not too sure why I did what I did there ... I think it's because prematch I was sure this would go under because Games 2, 3 and 4 went over and usually the last games go under (and I believed it was the final game)..... See 11-June-2017 (WNBA) and 13-June-2017 (NBA) for your own reference http://www.oddsportal.com/basketball/usa/nba/results/ http://www.oddsportal.com/basketball/usa/wnba/results/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I deposited another £270, took a 1.10 favorites in Badminton when it was live odds with 1.80: http://www.oddsportal.com/badminton/indonesia/superseries-indonesia-open-mixed-doubles/fischer-nielsen-joachim-pedersen-christinna-tang-chun-man-tse-ying-suet-bDNbMEK1/ The favorites lost, and I had no knowledge in Badminton - I only know that a 1.10 favorite is a heavy favorite, but looks like the odds can be tricky as always..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eventually, I turned my Ecopayz account purpose to non-gambling, I didn't need to close it - I just cannot use it for gambling purposes any longer - so it's no longer effective for me to use it. The only way I can now deposit funds is via bank transfer, but this can only happen M-F during working hours (one of the reasons why Bitcoin is becoming an alternative) and it could take hours or even 1-2 days until it gets credited and there is also a fee involved with sending it - so basically I discouraged myself as much as I could to cut any access to instant & fast betting. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, I am still "up" from betting in 2017 by something around £3,000 plus the $900 Vegas bet in January - but this has no blessing in it - and if I will deduct the losses from 2016 - then I would come up with a very big negative result. I think for me the obsession with gambling, the time it's stealing from my life, watching sports events, looking to bet as much as possible - or thinking about it - instead of doing things to improve my own and my family life - it's just not worth it. And I could win $50,000 today - what would prevent me from getting into losses like these?! And even if I keep myself limited and bet only what I can afford to lose - is it fun? is it recreational? Do I enjoy it? No .... I could have spent time with my wife, or going into the gym and lose weight and exercise, stay fit, watch movies, travel or what's not - so why lock myself in such a prison? That's what I feel it is. Do I see the end of gambling for me now? I don't know ... I tried to close all avenues to quick deposits as well as limit the amount of cash available for me in my UK accounts ... I sincerely hope this would bring a better future!
  3. Bet365 doesn't like to pay winners even if their bets are 100% legitimate and their accounts is genuine and fully verified: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2016/jun/28/bet365-legal-action-delay-paying-punter-54000 And on the same time here's another annoying story but this time ended nicely: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2014/jan/01/betfred-pay-punter-40000-dispute-bet?CMP=share_btn_tw Annoying? Definitely. As Sean Bean says in the movie Ca$h (2010) "When it comes to cash no one can be trusted".
  4. 16th of May 2017 - Back to Square #1

    I haven't responded to your post from a week ago simply because I was debating with myself how to approach this. Surprisingly I also won a few bets, and lost a few as well but the ones with bigger stakes were winning bets - only NBA bets, some winning/losing bets were Tennis, one WNBA bet yesterday. I am not sure what to say because after losing £100 on the WNBA yesterday (I tried the "buy low sell high" approach which failed), I didn't feel like I need to chase the losses, I just took the loss with understanding that's what gambling is. Do I feel like everything is under control? Absolutely not ... still, with good evaluation of how my life is right now - I don't like it ... right now the business is not dong well - and it's not because of gambling - but because my business partner doesn't do much - it's annoying because I don't feel like I have stability like before (I still have sources of income but I just don't like the current situation) .... I'm feeling a bit numb about the whole thing, I haven't placed bets for over £1,200 and most of my bets were for £100 - £400 which are "small" amounts in comparison to 2016. I've realized even if I'm 10000% "sure" of something you should never bet a large amount on it just like I did with Brexit and with other NBA games last year (e.g. risking £6,000 on one single NBA game, that's absurd).... But on the same time I'd like to kick this thing out of my life, I want to go to the gym, to be more active, to have 0% in my life for gambling if I could ... to be busy in a successful business, to work, take care of the family, improve our lives, I honestly don't feel like gambling has contributed anything in that aspect. So yes - got some extra "cash" from all these bets but it's available now, next bet it could all be gone .... gambling cannot provide a solid income, it's not solid and it is based on randomness, and that element of randomness cannot be taken away from its very core and basic fundamentals ... is it a good habit? I honestly don't think so. So that's all I can tell you ... we might be winning today, but who knows what would happen the next day, week, month, year or even a century! Also the word "winning" is not purely "winning" - it's money taken from someone else ... I'm not happy about all this but I know how difficult that is to get rid of it. and looks like I'm giving up on my last attempt to stop using energetic treatment, it's just not working - or perhaps I can say it has worked for a while but honestly it was the big loss (after Brexit) that has driven me to stop ... and I cut more and more access to funds so I couldn't gamble with large amounts, so I think the best "treatment" is you working with your head and your own resources and either limiting this or at least mitigating the potential damage. Good luck.
  5. 16th of May 2017 - Back to Square #1

    Thanks for coming by. No, I haven't told her about it, mainly because the final "outcome" of all this is "meaningless" financially speaking but you're right - the search for isolation when gambling is definitely bad. What about you? How are you doing so far?
  6. 16th of May 2017 - Back to Square #1

    So I haven't said much recently but being honest I did gamble in the past few months, and I was up and down .. I tried to bet in so many systems, in "small" amounts (not like 2016), where I risked £100 - £800 per bet ... Eventually taking the losses from the London trip into account then I'm around £82.00 losses and that's excluding the Vegas bet I placed in January, so I could say I am "up" $800 for the year 2017 but taking 2016 and all my gambling life into account I'm in a heavy losses from gambling, and not only monetary losses. My last bet was today £310 on the NBA, under 213.5 at halftime in game 7 between Boston and Washington, didn't work out as "planned". Although this time I wasn't risking "large amounts" like before (but don't get me wrong, a £300 bet is not a small amount neither) - I am realizing more and more that after so many "attempts" to make money from gambling it's simply difficult - and my approach wasn't an approach of let's try my luck ... I tried to analyze games, look at stats, try different trends etc. - it's just not working because it's not designed to work ... it's designed to create a disaster for anyone dealing with it. I've limited my ability to deposit large amounts due to termination of Skrill and Neteller accounts (I spoke about it in 2016), and the more I realize this the more I get to learn how gambling is not profitable and even if it is - it comes with so many bad side effects (e.g. isolation, depression, rapid change of mood, laziness and more). Now how can I kick this thing away from my life for good?!
  7. 14th of May 2017 - NBA WCF Game 1 - Injury

    Remember there is a link I posted here to Gambling Facts & Fictions? If you read through there, you would see Stephen Katz says: Key players get hurt on teams all the time and enough of the time the team may win anyway because the other players on the team step-up and actually play better for awhile. Teams that never won before on a muddy field can suddenly win on a muddy field. All of the new information along with your hunches, intuitions and feelings about a given game are all meaningless betting against a bookie. It does not matter whether you studiously analyzed all of the stats and trends then came up with some conclusion or whether you just feel lucky. In the long-run you will always lose money and in the short-run also if betting on enough games. And according to the media that is the key moment that changed the outcome of Game 1 ... and note SA with their coach Popovich has gone 316-0 wins when leading 25+ points in a game - this broke the record tonight: Now, Don't get me wrong - I don't believe media hypes and I am not sure if that's the moment that changed everything or not, but on the other hand I certainly don't think Kawhi Leonard was making a show - he seriously got injured and it hurts and I wish him well. The reason I brought this up is because I wanted to demonstrate how valuable and true is what Katz's saying ... nobody can foresee such incidents in advance, and they don't always have big impact - and of course normally these incidents don't happen .... However, I've always held mixed feelings about this - on the one hand I do agree with Katz and predicting results is not something that can be done without understanding the randomness involved - nonetheless I do honestly believe as I mentioned many times in this forum that the "NBA is Rigged". And yes, the NBA is rigged, it is rigged, I believe it is rigged 100% ... and because of that I do think there are some "betting opportunities" for those who want to take them - but is it worth it? Is it worth getting into it? Is it ethically 100% okay? I would hesitate with the "yes" answer based not only on my own experience but on the very nature of gambling - it isolates the gambler so badly and making him feel in utopian world of his own ... perhaps these kind of "drugs" are good for just a few hours say you want to take your mind off something but long term (i.e. anything over a few hours) is a recipe for disaster or for bad life or at most "mixed life" - and does anyone want to get into it? So again - I have my own view of gambling and how I look at it ... and I mentioned before it is a bad habit.... however no one can dispute the fact the NBA is rigged and if someone wants to exploit it (e.g. buy low, sell high ... look for change of patterns, live betting on over/under where the line is 40 points away from the original line or what's not) .... it could be done, but the element of randomness would always be there, and it is part of it (as one told me once - gambling is like an art for a sports bettor) .... But ask yourself is it worth getting into it? The system is designed to make sure you lose in the end anyway ... so even if you disagree with Katz's ruling here: You must understand that even if the vastly remote, basically impossible chance existed that you were a bit smarter than the Las Vegas oddsmakers, you would still lose anyway because of the house edge. Your bankroll would still get ground out. But get back to reality. The chance of you being smarter than the Las Vegas bookies or the local illegal bookies who get their odds from Las Vegas, to overcome the house edge, just simply is not going to be possible. So forget about it! In the end of the day I would agree with him - I mean even a unique person, one of a kind, would somehow find out how to exploit American (or other) sports - this is still one of the worst ways to make money, period .... so it's better to focus on something else, because gambling or sports betting is simply not worth it, it's not.
  8. This went quite viral ... you can read it all here: https://www.vsin.com/mystery-foul-by-green-meant-something-to-some-bettors/ And here too see the video: Yes, the NBA can "fix" outcomes, it wasn't only spread but total too and more (half time was 213-214). Am I shocked? No but I've never expected this to be so obvious in front of millions watching.
  9. Dreaming of winning the jackpot online? Think again - this is what you possibly would get once you win big: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3452335/punter-told-he-had-won-nearly-200k-left-gutted-when-bookies-refused-to-pay-out/ Gambling is good for the people running/hosting it, period.
  10. A Scotland international footballer has taken the extraordinary step of banning himself from a chain of bookies because of a gambling addiction. Read more here: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/scotland-star-begs-bookies-ban-10325169
  11. Husband addicted to gambling - Need advice!!

    What types of forms of gambling is he addicted to? offline or online?
  12. 21st of April 2017 - Birthday coming up soon

    Well, the 13th of March which was only a month ago when I wrote the last post, seems like history now ... have I managed to stop gambling completely? No ... unfortunately not ... and since I started this website on January 2014 (over 3 years ago) it seems like I might have to accept the fact that I cannot stay away from gambling 100% of the times but I need to strive to do my best to stay away ... since my last trip to London it seems like I haven't completely stopped this "cycle" that started then. So after supposedly giving up on bonus hunting I used Vulkanbet and got from $1,000 to $3,100 using an NBA bet initially and then many "small" bets ... it seems like betting on Tennis that match will not be scoreless from either player works most of the times but again - it has failed a few times, and yesterday I lost a big chunk of the profits due to betting on Murray to win Ramos mainly in live for really small odds when he was leading 4-2 in the 3rd set, and Murray lost the match ... and I knew who Ramos is and I know he's a great Clay player ... and seems to be at the top of his Tennis Career now .... anyway ... betting on the winner instead of the non-scoreless bet (got to 1.50 at the beginning of the 3rd set) creates mix thoughts in my mind: On the one hand I feel I should have sticked to what I did and never bet on winners even if it feels like a "sure thing" ... BUT on the other hand - really it doesn't matter if I had to bet with a "plan" or a "system" - I don't think dealing with all this is worth it ... and the fact I had to conceal many things or isolate myself as if this thing is something I have to do alone without anyone bothering me - this won't lead to anything good. Financially speaking I made a withdrawal so with all these so called "profits" I am in net profit for 2017 instead of being in a loss - but still ... how long would it last? Right now I feel like I do want to bet and I can't as I blocked myself for 7 days from Vulkanbet - but will this cycle repeat itself again? I can ask them to permanently close my account but then I would just look for the next *****bet website?! I had the determination to block myself for good, now I'm feeling a bit sucked into the world of gambling again, and to be honest I have no plans to bet on anything ... just want to place a bet ... it's like drugs and I have to shake them off somehow.
  13. This guy made a post of things that are already "well known" (for many people) yet as an economist he is advising people why gambling and mainly sports betting is simply not worth it - read it here: http://www.biasharainsight.com/2016/06/you-cant-make-money-in-sports-betting/
  14. I was getting some bonuses with this website called Vulkanbet as I described it previously, they do have lots of technical problems and it takes them a long time to settle bets sometimes and also to sort out issues such as bets not showing up in betting history etc. Eventually I decided to go "all or nothing" with the $223 that was in a PBA-D league basketball game - and I've lost it ... and instead of keep betting $200 all the times on low odds where in a Tennis match there won't be any 6:0 or 0:6 I've just given up. Next thing I did - was self exclusion for 2 years, and I'm not sorry for doing it. I think I shouldn't allow gambling to be in my life in any way whatsoever, I mean by all means, all means whatsoever - and the fact I was 'bonus hunting' with this 'system' (that can fail anytime and in fact I tried to bet on a match but previous bet wasn't settled - if I did I would have lost it earlier)... Overall instead of losing $400 this year (excluding that Vegas bet) I lost $500 this year approx. - and it's okay, I tried .. for the 1000th time again and even if I had more patience or I don't know what - remember this guy? I don't want to be like him, I don't want to live in an illusion that I could make money from gambling - this guy made profits for like 7 years and lost over 50% of it in less than 1 year! I'm telling you - life isn't worth it, big or small, it's not worth it... I hope to stay strong and going to get another treatment to make sure it's all behind me ... next time I'm traveling to the UK then I will surely make sure my wife is with me or someone else - so this won't occur again, because this round started from there - it didn't end so "badly" this time but I wanna make sure it remains like this!