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    Keith Whyte, Executive Director of the National Council on Problem Gambling said: "Many more gamblers move towards skill-based games, prefering those games rather than random typed games. Especially - Sports Betting - that is one with huge addiction problem. Sports betting carries a huge risk for addiction. Why? Because you believe the outcome is primarily based on your skill, and you think you're a very skilled player. The more you play you think the better you get - and then you think it's the better less likelihood for you to lose! Even if you've lost in the last 20 or 50 times - people and especially those at risk for addictions - will think 'if I can just keep on playing I know I'm gonna win because my skills are going to overtrump the randomness'. It can encourage persistence - way beyond limits - you set time and money - you become preoccupied with chasing that win - the more you think your skills will affect the outcome." Check it out here:
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    Thank you very much! This was a great post and great video!
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    Great post thank you very much!
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    They are the leader in addiction recovery coaching and they know how to stop the addictive cycle like drinking addiction, gambling addiction. They helping people get back on their normal life in the 12-week program. Watch the cycle of addiction:- https://vimeo.com/195527843 If you need some help or information about Reboot the brain please contact us 5618686808.
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    Very interesting stuff. That's what makes your site so compelling for me. Your honesty is really something. Best of luck staying sober and away from the action.
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    Life is a mess

    Hi Hayley07, I think the best practical thing you can do in this stage is to let go of the control of your finances - i.e. let your girlfriend control your finances - so whenever you get paid you won't have any ACCESS to the money but she would instead (and if you don't trust her then do it with your parents/siblings etc. although it sounds you love her and trust her, and the trust issues come from you). You cannot allow yourself to get money because you would spend it - if you arrest the addiction then you won't be able to gamble, at least not without cash in your hands, right? (or debit/credit card or whatever it is that you have). Also spending money on slots is the worst form of gambling out there - but sportsbetting is the same bad concept, it's just not risking money on really poor odds, but either way gambling itself is bad - but you know that already and agree with that - you just can't control something that got a control over you. That's why if you won't have access to your next paycheck and would allow your spouse (or future spouse or relatives) to control this on your behalf - then you won't be able to waste this money anymore - you have to do this if you ask me, it's just so mandatory - otherwise you would find yourself dealing with a vicious cycle ... start by letting go of the control of your finances, then move on with some therapies later on (there are so many but first clean your mind). Good luck!
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    Ending the Insanity

    kingxc, You're right about living a life without a secret - whether you're single or married, with or without a spouse - gambling life would lead you to cheat and lie to your loved ones (could be your siblings/parents/relatives as well) - if anyone finds him/herself in this position then life cannot go on like this, it requires a change and this change has to come from within - if you truly look for this change it would come.
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    My Story

    Gambling was like addiction for me, I was a master of rummy card game, poker and other card games, won enormous amount of money with my skills. But the sad part is now I am having nothing in my hands just because of gambling. Now I have push myself away from gambling and living a normal life.
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    My Story

    Bookmakers have only one common interest in this business and it is to make as much money as possible - which is why deposits are instant and come without any verification at many places (except for websites that don't want to get the deposit reversed or charged-back so they protect themselves) .... withdrawals take more time indeed. You could potentially have used a betting broker if you don't want to wait for deposits/withdrawals - that's what I did ... it's hassle free - but it doesn't really hassle free when it comes to gambling - even if you get your winnings instantly credited into your account you will never stop. The only way to stop is to arrest the addiction as much as possible - don't have the opportunity or the availability to bet in the first place. That's the only way I see forward. Boomakers will never take responsibility on their actions because otherwise they wouldn't be in business - gambling is taking money from one person and transferring it to another for no real value, which is why it's destructive.
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    My story

    I don't really know where to start… kind of like my gambling addiction, except I had no problem starting the bet, just a very big issue of not knowing when to stop, until that day of 7th October 2016 after loosing £250… it's 10am mind and I'm down to £20 in my bank knowing full well I need to buy food and fuel for the rest of the week, it was this moment when I took a long hard look at myself and I thought what the hell am I doing to myself? This cannot go on… the sleepless nights, the exclusion from social activities, the pain and stress I was putting my body through and disgusting amount of debts. I remember my first ever bet, at the young age of 17 – a £3 bet on a football match, I remember it well - Sampdoria vs Palermo, deep into the second half with the score at 1-1 I placed a £3 bet at 12/1 on Palermo to win… bang! A goal within 5 minutes and that saw me win £39, what a great feeling that was… little did I know that this was going to become a root to hell. My gambling after that was under control, £5-£15 a week often at weekends when there was a big fixture list with the football or the horses. In 2013 and I achieved a great thing in my life… going to university, I was proud and willing to work hard. But with university comes a loan and with a loan of £3000 comes a healthy bank balance, perfect for a gambling addict (to be). Because I had such a large amount of money in the bank, I started to up my stakes from £5-10 to £50-100.. and if I lost, I would just chase and chase until I won back all the money and was even again. I can remember one evening I was £500 down (not for the last time), but still completely oblivious to what I was doing and how much this would impact me. I placed another £100 accumulator at the odds of 9/2 and somehow managed to win thanks to a Athletic Bilbao equaliser against Real Madrid… scenes, I was ecstatic.. I won all the money back, this completely cancelled out the fact that I just lost £500 in my previous bets and could have been £600 if it wasn't for a single goal. It's similar to a relationship break up… just thinking of the good moments and thinking everything will be ok but never the bad moments and never the underlying problems. I didn't enjoy uni, and quit within 7 months, I had a few family issues and just wasn't enjoying it.. whether this was down to my gambling or not, I don't know… my head was screwed. After quitting uni, I found myself a job and started earning again - still gambling heavy every day - £100 stakes. I had an offer from 2 friends to travel around Europe for a month, at the time I was earning and living with parents & paying not a lot of rent, so money shouldn't be an issue - but it was, all stemmed from gambling, I really wanted to go but didn't have the money. Within a week I managed to get a £2000 bank loan to go traveling... this opened the long and dark road of loans and debts. Even throughout my travelling in Europe, I managed to still gamble whenever I could, just hoping the hostel we were staying In had internet and a computer. Throughout my gambling addiction I had 7 bank loans.. totalling £11,350 (not including interest) and over 30 pay day loans. When I look at this now, it makes me feel sick to the bone, At the time I was completely brainwashed, not thinking what's best for me.. every week was a struggle to get by, hence why I resorted to the pay day loans to get me through and help pay for things that shouldn't be an issue. I was living a double life, not one of my friends or family knew what I was going through, deep inside I just wanted to cry, give up and run away and escape from the hell.. but I acted normal with a smile on my face. Just embarrassed and scared of what they would think of me. I was in bubble and lost all sense of money. I was never interested in roulette, just sports betting... Football, Tennis, Darts, Horses, even Snooker, which I have no interest in what so ever, so I was clearly losing my head, just looking for the right odds or even if I wanted to get my fix, I would throw money on something I knew nothing about… I just wanted that buzz from winning money.. Online gambling is a killer, so mainstream and advertised – every TV advert has a gambling promotion, trying to suck people in and some people fall for it… like myself. £100 becomes just a number on a screen and you're able to deposit thousands within a few seconds - very dangerous for a addict. I used to dread looking at my bank balance because I knew how low it would be, and how much financial problems it would cause. My average stake was £100, sometimes £200. The worst day I've had I lost £700... that's a holiday or a car or 2 and half weeks of hard work... gone, within 12 hours. Disgusting. I feel like a haven't lived my life for the last 3 years, just on a dark and downhill spiral of gambling, it really did take over my life... I would lie to friends that I couldn't go out just because I wanted to get home from work and gamble all night. For some reason I was still enjoying it, absolutely brain dead is the right description. A few months leading up to me quitting,, I won £3089 from £5 on a bet... elated at the time but within 2 months it was all gone, no and that wasn't from going on a holiday and a big shopping trip… well, you guessed it… gambling. One of my many problems was the fact that I always thought the cure for my gambling debts was to keep gambling and win big to pay them all off. Completely brainwashed. Often staying up throughout the night gambling on tennis & football matches and forever on the FlashScores app on the phone to the point where it was affecting my work and my phone bill was sky high due to all the data being used. Sorry for the length of this, but I have never spoken to anyone about this so it's just been building up inside me for years and it feels so good to just let it all out, because that old cliche of "talking helps" is true, it really is.. I haven't gambled in 32 days and every day I feel happier, i had an urge to gamble about a week into my recovery but I just reminded myself that I don't want to go back to the dark days and I'm better than that now. I promised myself I'm never going to gamble again and deep down I know I'm not going to. I'm so much better off without it, I'm done with it and it doesn't interest me in the slightest. The most important part is realising you have a problem and acting, don't mope… get out there and do something, socialise with mates, take up a hobby. Keep your brain active, because from my experience just sitting in my room brings back back memory's of when I used to sit there for hours gambling away. So whoever is reading this, you can do it to! Burst that bubble and take it step by step - it will be hard to begin with, but the outcome is great.. you will rediscover yourself and become a lot happier, and find that your relationship with friends and family will improve. It's never too late, I'm so glad it's behind me and I can get on with my life. Thanks!
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    Hi guys / or shall I say "dear diary" - whatever or whoever it is reading it .... We are 5 days away from the US elections and I was so enthusiastic for Trump especially seeing his odds improve and amazing rallies he has etc. but today I had a big shock, I mean I'm still shocked right now and cannot stop thinking about it. What happened? The UK has voted to leave the EU aka "Brexit" on the 23rd of June 2016 (which regardless and irrelevant to this topic was my last bet so far and I hope to keep it that way). Today the UK high court ruled that Theresa May, the prime minister, cannot proceed with "Brexit" without votes from the parliament: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3898716/D-Day-Brexit-Britain-s-exit-EU-DELAYED-landmark-court-case-rules-Theresa-start-EU-talks-without-MPs-vote.html Basically - the people voted to exit the EU in a referendum, and the "elites" have decided to block it ... this could be more complex than it seems but now there is no pressure on the UK to see companies leaving etc. - the longer they don't have a solution - the "better" it is for the UK economy in a way ... the pound has risen a bit as well ... Where does it all take us? I don't know... I personally wanted the UK to remain (and for another EU country to start the mess) ... but what I see in front of my eyes is simply astonishing ... I am still not sure how to swallow the pill, how people feel now ... it's like the elites are pushing people to revolt and start riots ...
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    Feeling Useless

    Hello guys, I don't even know where should I start from, so I'll just say it's my 19th birthday today and I can surely tell that it's my worst birthday in my life, I can also add that it's the day when i feel i completely hitted the rock bottom,and I do not think that I'll be able to recover from it... So let's move on to the story. I look completely normal and calm outside, but in my mind it's a total chaos. I live in Europe, and my name's Jacob, sorry maybe I've should of started from that but I just cant focus and get a clear plan of what I want to tell, i just want to lay it all out because i feel completely lonely. I've felt the same way through the years, even though, I was one of the most popular guys in school, had friends everywhere, and everyone wanted to be my friend, I was a smart kid, even though i started school under age, when i was 5, kids start school 7 years old in my country. So at all time my classmates and friends were older than me. But i never felt emotionally attached to anyone, never used to talk about my problems to anyone, not even my parents, or brother, they knew the least about my life. I feel like that I can't trust anyone and don't want to tell them my problems. I have a few close friends who I call my best friends, but I don't even mention a half whats going on in my mind. So yeah in school i was a popular guy,but I was always very silent, never bullied other kids, like most of cool guys do. Years went on and i was becoming even more better than anyone around me, i felt more smarter than anyone around me. At 16 years old i found a way to make money playing online game, and only at year 16th, i made like 30k$ which is like 3 times more than an usual grown person earns in my country. Later on older teens, started to benefit from me, pretending that they're my friends hanging out with me and stuff, to get some money from me, they've lead me to not a good path. At year 16-18 if I would've focused on what i was doing I could've earnt more than 100k$ for sure, what i was doing didn't break any law, although it did kind of break the rules of the game. When i was 17 my older friend who was 19 (i used to think that he's my best friend) encouraged me to buy a car and drive without license, I had switched 5 cars, most of them were smashed, and one stoled. My parents didn't knew anything about it. They didn't know I had that much money. One day thought they found 5k$ in my drawer. I told them that I made it playing a game online, and they did believe it. The money was put to my savings account. Later on my method of making money ended, well it didn't actually end, i just didn't put any effort in it scammed all my online friends who helped me, and never treated me wrong, that was encouraged by my "best friend" "..". In last grade in school i was 17, found a girlfriend which i really loved and cared about, she was the most prettiest girl in school, she didn't use me for my good financial situation, but after on she dumped me for her ex, that was a big punch to me, I felt depressed after that, started gambling online and lost alot of my savings ( not that 5k$ which my parents took). A month after that, my car BMW 3 series, was stolen, with the help of my "best friend", a 23 year old bandit from my city took it ( he was a good friend of "..") That was another big punch to me I felt betraid by my best friend, didn't really care about financial lose that much, didn't worry about money then still. After that event my life just started going down, everything felt like it was slidding from my hands... I couldn't make any more money online playing the game, because i had no one to help me get back in it (because i've scammed my friends) nor i had the money to play the game myself (it requires some investment if you want to earn money). I had no money anymore and my life has changed, it felt like the people don't look at me the way they used to, i wasn't the cool guy anymore, i felt so alone... Anyways i graduated school, got in a university law studies, by the time i was in school i didn't even think about what i actually i want to study, i felt that i can keep making alot of money forever from that online game. Didn't worry about anything, lost my connection to all my old friends. During the summer i took 2k$ from my savings account, my parents didn't knew about it, and i started gambling in the slot machines, and racing dogs. I felt the need to make money, that's how my gambling addiction started. I want to mention that i was always venturesome person, the method to make the money in the game was gambling too, just i had the odds to win in long term just like slot machines, or betting points do. So i lost that 2k$, the school year started, parents found out that i took that 2k$ I also stole 1k$ from my parents savings from home... I got my drivings license, bought myself a car (BMW same model as i used to drive without license) started studying thinking that it's a fresh start I can become as good as i was before, find something new... Studying wasn't a big deal for me in school nor in university if i ever putted a little effort in but i never did, I'M A SLOTH. So i didn't put too much attention in my studies, i was just gambling every day at the betting points, i remember one day i made like 4k$ and felt like " I'm back" I can be better than everyone again, anyways i lost it during a week or so... I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT FROM MY parents, I wasn't taking any money from them ever since i was 16. And having no money or having to ask from them so i can eat, that felt so embarassing for me, i always felt that i need to do everything myself, never asked for anyone's help. So the days passed, i was just gambling everyday one day having 500$ or something the other weeks totally broke... Passed the first semester in university without any debts, didn't get good grades tho, i studied only a day before exam, I had 5 of them... But still they were passed, my parents didn't worry about it too much, obviously they told me that i have to put more effort in. The next semester i started skipping classes, my gambling addiction was just getting bigger, i was mentally exhausted and depressed, started lying to my parents stealing stuff from home so i can gamble... The second semester exams came, the proffesors only let me to take 3/5 exams, because i didn't attend to classes. I failed the 3 exams anyway, and told my parents i passed 4 and only failed 1. Summer started, i was hanging out with some older students from my old school they all finished university this year, i was PARTYING ALOT drinking going out overnight all the weekends, drinking, started taking drugs like cocaine, MDMA, XTC, every weekend!.. Some of my old friends tryed to tell me that i must stop and rethink about what i want to achieve in my life, they told me look at yourself... So my old friends stopped hanging out with me.. Before the summer i had found a hustle to buy a mobile phone and get the money you paid for it back... So i was financially stable during the summer, even though i still gambled away 70% of my money... I UNDERSTAND THAT I CAN'T MAKE MONEY FROM THE CASINO AND I WILL LOSE IT IN LONG RUN, i just feel the need to win some to cover my expenses.. It always ended up me losing 3 or 4 times more that i needed for my expenses to eat hang out somewhere or for the weeekend... In july i smashed my car, i wasn't drunk or high on drugs anyway, my car just started slidding and i hitted pillar... There was nothing left from it was non fixable... This was the last thing i had saved and bought myself from 16... ( I'M SURE I MADE OVER 60K$ from the game when i was 16-17)... So at that point i can say i was entirely broke, and threw everything, everything away.... THEN I THOUGHT ABOUT The people around me, they are all doing good, my old friends driving good cars, everyone has money, did good on their exams in university)... I FELT LIKE SHIT, I WENT FROM BEING THE BEST TO NOTHING... I FELT USELESS, everyone had job durring the summer and during the university year but I DID NOT, I never thought that i will need to work for anyone.. Though my father had found me a place to practice in a law firm during the summer, i attended only like 3 times there, even though i had to stay there atleast part time everyday... PArents didnt know nothing about it...After smashing my car i started partying and taking drugs even more, was still getting some incomes from the free phones, but a month or something later it broke down, and i went in debt to my friends from who i borrowed some money to buy a phone... I sold the phone and gambled the money anyways, I'm still in debt to him like 1k$ now... My parents went for a holiday to U.S. at the end of august, for 2 weeks.. So i was home alone for 2 weeks, i drank and took drugs for every single day that time... ( ALso gambled away the money they left me for living while they were away) The day they were supposed to come back, i had to take car from my brother because he had his stag the day before... I didn't go to MY BROTHER'S STAG don't ask me why i was just taking pills in some rave party, with some piece of shit people... IM SUCH A LOSER. ON TOP OF THAT I WHEN I WOKE UP THAT MORNING I LOOKED AT MY PHONE FOUND 20 MISSED CALLS FROM MY BROTHER AND 1 TEXT FROM HIM " YOURE AN IDIOT YOU were supposed to take parents from the airport", i was still drunk and high on extasy, in my living room i found 10 people, half of them id idnt even know... WHOLE APARTAMENT WAS A MESS AND PARENTS WERE SUPPOSED TO BE HOME IN LIKE 15 minutes.. I cleaned up the home abit ( ATLEAST I THOGUHT SO) and i went to sleep again ( i woke up in evening found my mom sitting next to me telling what is wrong with you, you puked for like 3hours,( i didnt remember shit i took like 7 xtc pills last evening) whole apartament was a mess, my mom searched my whole room just like she was sensing something, and she found a bag of weed with money ( forgot to mention i was selling weed when my parents were away)... It was 4th of semptember my second year of studies have started, at that point i thought i understand that i did bad things and want to change, i will start studying now... My parents were really mad at me, also scared that i was selling drugs, i didnt admit that though, i said it's not mine... My mom gave me a cheap urine drug test, the results were negative, wow atleast a small relief.. Few days were passed, after i was taking drugs so probably thats the case why it was negative... IWANT TO MENTION THAT AT THE TIME IN SCHOOL WHEN I WAS 16-17 I stigmatized people who were taking drugs, writed off my friends who were smoking weed as losers... LOOK AT ME NOW IM A FUCKING LOSER... So yesterday on setember 14th my parents found out that i failed all my exams last semester...... WE had a big argument, i started blaming them that they always treated me wrong, never took care of me nor showed interest in what i was doing, maybe i couldve been a better person right now if they paid attention... WELL I UNDERSTAND THEY ALWAYS DID JUST I WAS A PROBLEM AND I WAS ALWAYS CLOSED IN MYSELF NEVER SPOKE TO THEM ABOUT ANY OF MY PROBLEMS NOR ACHIEVEMENTS... I'm about to get kicked out of university because of my debts, im financially broke, almost have no friends left and even fucking crying right now as im writing this stupid story which isnt going to change anything because nobody cares... I Want to change my studies to LAW AND business maybe its still possible doing it this year without losing one year as a kick out... I dont feel like telling my parents about my wish, because they paid for my studies last year, and they were supposed to do it this year too... I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO IM SO DEPRESSED AND IVE NEVER FELT SO DOWN UNTIL TODAY... ITS SETEMBER 15TH MY 19th birthday, i cant stop thinking about 2 years back when i was 17, how much better and perspective iwas.... I feel like i fucked my life up, lost the trust of my parents, of my friends, and now IM ACTUALLY ALONE, THE LONELINESS BEFORE WAS JUST A ILLUSION I HAD MADE UP........ SO YEAH BEST BIRTHDAY EVER FOR SURE... I don't feel like suiciding though i had thoughts of that before, I wanna stand up and fight for myself, become good again, but i just can't think of a way to do that........ I DONT THINK I GET BACK UP AGAIN......... IM USELESS AND fucking idiot and a slod........ i dont belong here........ Sorry for my bad english im foreign still.. Sorry if my story doesn't fit here i just didnt find a place to post it, and i felt the need to express myself somewhere to someone... I feel a little better now, little more calm after writing this... Hopefully i can still recover and prove that im not a rubbish.. Thanks for listening out to me, it means a lot, total strangers!
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    Here is one very good movie based on true stories of ex gamblers and people who helped them to recover This is the blog from people who are doing a great job in treating pathological gambling http://herctimecenter.blogspot.rs/There are also very good books called 'Stake' and 'Goodbye, gambling' that can be really helpful for motivating people to start dealing with their problems and also. As you can see, you can find plenty of information, you just need to wake up. I recommend this movie to everyone who ever tried to gamble, I find it most useful for people in denial.
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    24th of June 2016 - SAD

    I deposited £11,940 to bet on the UK to remain in the EU, placed the bet about 3 days ago. I didn't get the best price and I could have gone today out of the market with some profit.... But instead I remained all the way, believing it will in and I get 'full profit' (instead of £1,900 profit - get £3,000) ... the odds dropped on "Remain" up to 1.05, and it's politics bet, along with polls and many other beliefs that I had (about the difficulty to change) ... in the end there was historic result and the UK has voted to leave the EU. I managed to "minimize" the damage during live betting but I feel so gutted about all this. 418/419 - files to show. Feeling completely gutted, also seeing the pound losing so much value, but I just remember all the thoughts, the beliefs it will win, being so busy and obsessed with it, checking the odds, being sure it will win, couldn't believe odds of 11.00 or so will win in politics bet, especially considering all the way the Euro project has taken place etc. And on top of all, at some point, not even knowing what I do, trying to protect the bet, hedge it, and eventually losing a lot. I wanted to be free of gambling, I want to be free of gambling - I am so annoyed with myself, even had some suicide thoughts in a way ... but trying to get over that. Completely gutted. Completely annoyed. Want a better future.
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    So I cannot deposit any longer using Skrill with AsianConnect88, however they still have the methods of Bitcoin and Bank Transfer for deposits and withdrawals (must use the same method, can't mix between the two). So I was following up with the EU Referendum ("Brexit") and I found myself many times googling the keywords "Brexit Odds" and looking at the odds across various bookmakers.... Now I studied business in University and I strongly believe that the power of globalisation and the ones involved with it are too strong now, so for me a "Brexit" is almost like a wish ... people do want it but there is such a big influence from big corporations on people so I don't believe that Britain would leave the Euro ... why ruin all the party that the big banks, the hedge funds and what's not are enjoying for several years now along with extremely low interest rates? If the Fed doesn't like Brexit, if China doesn't like it ... Europe doesn't, actually all the big players don't like it - so they have big influence on people ... and people are influenced, I just know it, it's part of politics.... So the initial odds that I remember were 1.33 on Britain to remain in EU, I got it for around 1.67 ... And how did I "get" it? I made a bank transfer for £3,000 (£33 fee), "unfortunately" it arrived quite instantly in AsianConnect88's account so I had the funds deposited within less than 30 minutes once they were sent out ... sometimes the bank doesn't process wires so quickly, but still ... I just don't like it that in some way I opened myself a new door to deposit funds again .... Yes, it's quite costly (£33) and yes, it cannot be done on weekends or bank holidays nor at crazy hours at night which is great, but I still have a way to deposit funds - and I don't want it, I don't want to have a way to deposit funds ... So I'm considering what to do ... the good thing about not having Skrill is that I cannot deposit using my Credit Cards ... so I can only use available funds, and I'm looking right now for a smart way to "get rid" of them i.e. lock them in a fixed deposit or transfer them to an account where they cannot be used. ........ Anyway I've decided I don't want this pressure, I don't want to be annoyed with checking the news for another week, I want to concentrate on something new that I am actually working on right now ... and lastly above all - I said I don't want gambling again in my life. So I've decided to cancel the bet, the cost was around £100 to cancel it and I used Matchbook so it was easy to "cancel" the bet ... I asked AsianConnect88 to transfer £2800 to Pinnacle and told myself if I already want to bet let's just "get rid" of it, looked for something I believed was okay and took the risk: The German won after a very tense and frustrating 3rd set, I picked him after the break in the 2nd set (before the break it was 1.70 ... 15-40 and after the break 30% less yield ... and I saw many bettors picking him as well, the price simply went down - but went up again very slightly during the peak time of 5-5 in the 3rd set, and then he broke and won 7-5). I've already asked AsianConnect88 to withdraw the funds, I have no interest of further gambling money, and I told myself I am going to invest part of these winnings in a treatment for gambling ... I'm going to take it next week on Monday, I just told myself 'enough is enough', I want this demon out... Still also looking for ways to get AsianConnect88 to stop taking funds from me ... I don't know what to do exactly about that but what I do know is that I will do everything I can, simply do my utmost to make the gambling demon go away ... I want it out of my life for good!
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    8th of June 2016 - New Life?

    Read it all here: http://www.psychforums.com/gambling-addiction/topic182342.html
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    Today there was Game 5 in the NBA Playoffs between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder. The opening line was 220.5 in total and -7 in the spread for GS (against +7 for OKC). I don't want to bet but I wanted to simulate how my brain thinks so I imagined myself as if I had money in the account and here are my reactions which I've documented on purpose just to convince myself and others how gambling works: End of 1st Quarter - Total line 208.5 - Low scoring 1st quarter ... initial thought - "Buy Low Sell High" (and that would have been the case here really) - but psychologically it's extremely difficult to place a bet like this because the line can keep on falling, and usually 1st and 2nd quarters are similar, so if the 2nd quarter continues with low scoring then I get screwed ... on the other hand it could be a "smart bet" but at this point and at this time it's very difficult to make such decision ... now the time between each quarter is roughly no more than 2-3 minutes at most, and that's not enough time to make an educated pick ... It's similar to a person staring at the Roulette, seeing it hit the Black already 22 times, and wanting to bet on the Black again because the ball has landed on Black so many times ... but the person doesn't know it for sure ... he thinks - should I go for it or not - he thinks he might have "an edge" here, because it's the same dealer, same ball, same machine - and by the time he wants to make his final decision it's too late - the dealer says "no more bets" ... the ball lands on Black ... so he feels annoyed and now he has to take a bet ... but then .... End of 1st Half - Total line 217.5 - So the line went up from 208.5 to 217.5 and then comes halftime ... the only time where you have more than just 1-2 minutes to make an "educated" bet ... but unfortunately this is a tricky line ... on the one hand the original line was 220.5 and you can "buy" it for 3 points less which is valued, but on the other hand "there are no free gifts" and many times the line is reduced in order for you to trick you into buying it but then it goes under ... So this is a very tricky situation. Similarly, once the dealer or the ball have changed, then the Roulette, supposedly has "new system", so even if the ball previously hit the Black 23 times you never know what's going to happen next ... and yes, during the shift change there is a little bit more time to think (usually) and more time to consider your bet, but in the end of the day you never know if this will end on the right or the wrong side of your bet ... you can place the bet but discover the results only later. End of 3rd Quarter - Total line 214.5 - The line dropped slightly from halftime by 3 points ... again, it could indicate that it's a BARGAIN to get the OVER here because it's 6 points less than the original line - or the original line can be a non-factor and the game could potentially go under ... yes, indeed, many bettors like the zig-zag theory ... so the 3rd quarter went less than 54.5 so that potentially could drive the 4th quarter to go over the line - but I've seen many games where the zig-zag theory got smashed out of the window as well. 4th Quarter - Game ends with 231 points - I'm sure even if someone was placing a bet on the "over" he wasn't expecting the game to end with 73 points in a quarter, and that's what happened here .... personally 1 minute after the 4th quarter started, GS scored 5 points (OKC scored 0) .... I thought GS is going to run away for OKC and OKC would have more misses because of the pressure so I thought the under 214.5 was the better bet here ... but that is only in simulation. Moreover, the time I dedicated for the final decision to place the bet was only a few seconds ... when you bet in live you almost don't think .... you might risk a big amount, but the time dedicated for making that decision could be a split of a second, it could be based on you believing the odds are tricky, the bookmaker is trying to "trap" you ... or so many other thoughts that are running in your mind. This is no different than someone who bets on Roulette, trying to consider his strategy, not in a rush to place his bet, but once he sees an opportunity he is taking it - and then the result many times can be a loss .... Conclusion - Whilst it's possible sometimes to find an edge in betting, you don't always know how it would go ... you could have 2 consecutive quarters of lots of scoring or you could have them go in zig-zag ... same goes about the spread .... yesterday Cavs -10.5 was a winner from the beginning, they won by 40 points and the spread was not at risk. Today, Game 5 between GSW and OKC had a spread of 7 and GSW won by 9 points - not after OKC had 2 attempts to score a 3 pointer, what would have bring down them to win by 6 .... Cavs-TOR had a total line of 199.5, dropping to 196.5 before the game ... halftime was 193.5 and end of 3rd was 207.5 .... now I agree 207.5 is high and there is value to take the under - there is "an edge" here ... but it's now always like that .... I had a bet on the Spurs over 163.5 which I picked in the 4th quarter against Memphis ... end of 3rd quarter was 168.5 and I truly believed over 163.5 is a bargain (original line - 187.5) .... game ended with 162 points ... so where is the value of "buy low and sell high" if you lose? And you lose not only money, but time, energy and much more. Gotta stay safe.
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    Where should I start?

    Hi Esposito, can you provide more details what info would you like to have about gambling? Your question is too vague...
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