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    Keith Whyte, Executive Director of the National Council on Problem Gambling said: "Many more gamblers move towards skill-based games, prefering those games rather than random typed games. Especially - Sports Betting - that is one with huge addiction problem. Sports betting carries a huge risk for addiction. Why? Because you believe the outcome is primarily based on your skill, and you think you're a very skilled player. The more you play you think the better you get - and then you think it's the better less likelihood for you to lose! Even if you've lost in the last 20 or 50 times - people and especially those at risk for addictions - will think 'if I can just keep on playing I know I'm gonna win because my skills are going to overtrump the randomness'. It can encourage persistence - way beyond limits - you set time and money - you become preoccupied with chasing that win - the more you think your skills will affect the outcome." Check it out here: